About Romuva

Romuva is the modern expression of the ancient Baltic faith as traditionally observed by Lithuanians. This faith has been passed down in an unbroken link to our ancient ancestors. After Grand Duke Jogaila’s Christianization as a condition of his marriage to Jadwiga (in order to unite Lithuania and Poland under the Commonwealth and stop the marauding Teutonic Order), our faith was kept alive in the villages and countryside.

Marija Alseikaitė-Gimbutiene (AKA Marija Gimbutas, a famous Lithuanian archaeologist) wrote of practitioners of the old faith before she left Lithuania during WWII. Some of our adherents in Lithunania were raised in the ancient faith long before Jonas Trinkunas founded Romuva in the 1960s.

Below you will find some articles where you can learn more about Romuva.

Tenets of Faith


Nature forms the basis for our beliefs. We respect the Earth.
We never cut down trees unless for a purpose.

If we drop a crumb of bread, we pick it up, apologize, and eat it.
The bread that nourishes us is nourished by the earth.