02/05 - Gabijos Diena Gabija God/desses Holidays

Gabijos Diena

Gabijos Diena, or Gabija’s Day is celebrated on February 5. It is a day to honor the goddess of fire. Every Romuva celebration or rite includes fire. If you don’t have an outside fire pit, you may even use a candle. Of course, if you live in an area that has a no-burn warning, please do not risk setting off a wildfire. That would be less pleasing to the gods than not having a real fire.

Small home alka built of stone with smouldering herbs being burnt.
Small home alka built of stone with smouldering herbs being burnt.

The traditional offerings to Gabija are salt and grain. Offerings of mead or beer are usually made as well. If you are using a small fire or a candle, however, your offerings may be symbolic by placing them nearby. Since Gabija is not just the fire herself, but the hearth as well (which is the center of the home), bread is usually baked to honor her. The unground grain can be offered to her as can the baked bread. A pitcher of water should always be placed next to her so that she does not wander about the house to satiate her thirst.

One of the traditional dainas sung to her is Dega Ugnele.

Dega Ugnelė tūta tūta
Dega Gabija tūta tūta
Piliakalnely tūta tūta
Aukštajam kalnely tūta tūta
Po ąžuolėliu tūta tūta
Gabija Ugnele tūta tūta
Užkurta žibėkie tūta tūta
Užgobta gobėkie tūta tūta
Žeme Žemynele tūta tūta
Mes tavo vaikeliai tūta tūta
Saule motinėle tūta tūta
Mes tavos dukrelės tūta tūta
Mėnuo tėveli tūta tūta
Mes tavos sūneliai tūta tūta
Žvaigždės sesiulės tūta tūta
Mes jusu sesiulės tūta tūta
Gabija Ugenele tūta tūta
Sukurta žibėki tūta tūta
Sugobta gobėki tūta tūta
Stiprinki mumis tūta tūta
Sujunkie mumis tūta tūta
Žemė Žemynėle tūta tūta
Labinki mumis tūta tūta
Laima lėmėjėla tūta tūta
Laiminki mumis tūta tūta

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