Kazė Kazlauskienė

This page includes much of what Jūratė sent to Krivė Inija Trinkūnienė on 30th of November 2021 prior to the meeting with the Stebetoju Taryba. Anything not directly relating to Kazlauskienė has been removed and provided elsewhere.

On the 3rd of November 2021, Kimo Arbas made this statement in an email to the Ratas Mailing list “They tried to take over the “power” from Kazė in Romuva USA (i did not participate in that), they are trying to do this with me, they will try to do it to Lietuvos Romuva if their strange logic is allowed to continue.

Yes, the Board did wish to remove Kazė as seniūnė in 2010. The reason was because she was mixing Wicca and Romuva, which most of us saw as a big problem. Chicago used to have a small but solid community, but under her leadership, all but a handful of people stopped coming. Laura Juozunas is the only Chicago member who is still active, aside from one other member who has not been to a meeting in some time due to ill health.

However, Kimo is lying when he claims he “did not participate in that.” Without his help, it would not have happened. Jūratė went to Kimo in 2010 rather than trying to claim leadership for herself. She recognized the importance of having a leader who spoke fluent Lithuanian and who had a better knowledge than she did at the time. She had asked Jonas Stundzia, but he wasn’t interested. Maryte didn’t have the time, Lana Vyte was no longer Romuva, and Bernie Abromaitis didn’t have the time either. Laura Juozunas was recovering from a very bad car accident after being in a coma for months, so she was unable.

Kimo agreed to help us with our efforts and acted as an intermediary with Jonas Trinkūnas. Unless otherwise noted, the following screenshots are from Facebook Messenger.

Jūratė informed Kimo of the problems with Kaze on 1 September, 2010.

Kimo makes a CLEAR distinction between “west coast north America lietuvos Romuva” and “NA Romuva” (Jūratė refers to it as “Romuva NA”, or “Romuva North America”).

Kimo asks if Jūratė got the message he forwarded from Jonas Trinkunas. The Skype chats are no longer available.

Jūratė requests that he (Jonas Trinkunas) make a public declaration of Kazė’s removal and Kimo’s appointment.

Here Jurate mentions an email where she provides a draft letter that she and Maryte sent to Kimo to share with Jonas so he could explain to Kaze why she was being replaced.

This a screenshot of an email from Kimo to Jūratė acknowledging receipt of the draft letter and promising to forward it to Jonas Trinkūnas. As with all of these documents, the actual electronic documents are available for review through video conferencing.

Kimo talks about adding Maryte onto his page as an administrator. He also mentions asking one of the Trinkunaites about the letter to Kaze.

Kimo speaks of a conversation with Jonas where Jonas says he considers Kimo the Vaidila of Romuva North America.

Kimo shares what Jonas sent him.