Early Use of Name “Romuva North America”

The first documented use of a version of this name was in 1999, when Lana Vyte, then Seinune of Romuva Canada posted on the Romuva Yahoo Mailing List:

“. . . It has been a fact that North American Romuva events ( and perhaps elsewhere) are attended by quite a number of non- Lithuanian speaking participants –be they of Lithuanian descent of otherwise . . . L. Vyte Romuva/Canada

In 2003, Jūratė Rzeznik and Marija Kunčaitis jointly presented at a pagan conference as “Romuva North America”. The first documented appearance of “Romuva North America” as our umbrella organization was in 2007:

“There is a database on the Yahoo group where you can enter your location. From there, you will be able to find out if anyone entered is near you. Unfortunately, not everyone in Romuva North America and not everyone on the list has entered their info. I encourage everyone and anyone interested in finding others to enter their names.”

Kimo joined the list in 1999, so he was well aware of our use of the name prior to us approaching him in 2010 to take over from Kazė Kazlauskienė.

In May of 2007, Kunčaitis started the first Romuva Facebook group for Romuva North America (named RomuvaNA).

In October of 2011, Kunčaitis started the Romuva-Siaures Amerika group. Two months later, in December of 2011, Kimo started his Lietuvos Romuva – North America page ALSO named RomuvaNA (these screenshots were taken in early 2021).

In March of 2007, Kimo posted the following on the list (note how he identifies his organization):

“Hello, Actually I am not a member of the USA/Canada Romuva. I represent Lietuvos Romuva (i.e. romuva.lt, J. Trinkunas, etc.) on the west coast of n. america. Not realy a big deal but its a bit different. I was baptised in the baltic sence in svento ragio slenis in 1998 and a few years ago J. Trinkunas apointed me vaidila and we performed the sacred rites in the same holy place. I am very involved with Lietuvos Romuva and many baltic things in Lietuva, I grew up in Los Angeles (born in Hawaii). It would be very nice to meet the elders of the US/Canada Romuva as we are all one big family 🙂 perhaps we can build some nice projects or something together. all the best ! Kimo”

In response to questions others had after the previous post, Kimo responded:

“. . . I am not tring to usurp leadership in American and Canadian Romuvas or to force my way into those structures. I am completely independent and belong to Romuva. “

This statement was well before we approached him to become the leader of Romuva North America to replace Kazė Kazlauskienė, which he agreed to and facilitated with Jonas Trinkunas. You can find out how our organization came to be led by Kimo here.

Throughout discussions between Kimo and Jurate since she first approached him about incorporating in 2014, there were a lot of debates about what name to use for the incorporation: Romuva, Romuva North America, etc. So once again, his claim that he had no knowledge of any other “Romuva North America” is patently false.